My Perfect Day

It’s a cool, crisp fall-feeling Sunday and I have the next delicious 12 hours all to myself. If I could ignore the piles of laundry, cleaning, bills and never-ending to-do list, this is exactly how I would spend my day:

  1. Make a cup of coffee, get back into bed and call my best friend to talk about our current retail therapy.
  2. Take a long, hot shower and put on my most comfortable, cozy yet publicly acceptable outfit. Do not put on mascara.
  3. Go to The Corner, which has the best coffee, the most yummy food and the most friendly, delightful staff. I’ll probably have the vegetable hash with scrambled eggs and a brown-sugar carmelized grapefruit. And of course, a hot cup of La Columbe coffee.coffee_wide
  1. Head to Upper Montclair and browse in Nouvelle, which has adorable clothes, fabulous accessories and super fun owner Arlene. The coolest necklace I own is from this store. The best leggings I own are from this store. I love this shop, and I love that I’m supporting a local business.
  2. On my way back home, stop into Amanti Vino for a tasting. Relish the 15-minute parking space in the back, which alleviates all the stress of dealing with the Crescent Parking Deck. Purchase several bottles of delicious wine.
  3. Take a nap.
  4. Go to Imperial Nails on Watchung Plaza for a mani/pedi. The hot oil treatment for your heels is everything. Read the current issue of People magazine and skip all the sad, crazy stories.
  5. Meet up with three of my funniest friends for dinner at Uncle Momo Eat happily and laugh constantly. Consume at least one bottle of wine purchased earlier. Take a Lyft home.
  6. Get into pajamas and into bed with Netflix.
  7. Happily, oh so happily, go to sleep.

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